A little bit about Eastbourne..

The  Eastbourne Ward in Darlington is a large urban council ward with over  6,000 residents living in the area including over 2,200 households. View  map Here

At  the heart of the Eastbourne is the Firthmoor Community Centre, a hub  for local people to access services and recreational activites all year 


Another  smaller community hall, Pilmoor Green Community Centre is also located  in the ward, just off Westmoor Road and is a valued base for a smaller  number of activities aimed at older people living in the immediate area.  

The  ward contains a new housing development called Moorfields and was built  as part of the demolition of the 'old' estate and lay along the  Maidendale Nature Reserve.

The reserve is  also located in the Ward and 8Ha site of former agricultural land,  dating from the 1950’s, which includes some remnants of old hedgerows  and clay drainage pipes within the clay soil. The site is predominantly  rough grassland, with a small pond wetland mosaic and two large fishing  ponds. It enjoys at least three disabled access entrances and a network  of footpaths

The ward is also the home of the former Darlington Football Club, which is now owed and run by the Mowden Rugby Club, and is a valued asset to the local area. 

The ward has two primary schools, Firthmoor Primary School, located on Ingleby Moor Crescent and St. Teresa’s  RC Primary School located on Harris Street.

In addition,  the ward borders the northern tip entrance of Geneva Wood which is a 25  year old plantation site of predominately Scots Pine. Roe deer are  frequently seen, along with gold crest, coal tit, fox, sparrow hawk and  unconfirmed sightings of crossbill.